Exciting News!

Today, I am sharing with you a new journey I am embarking upon. While it is sad to acknowledge that I have decided to end my blog here, I am moving forward with something VERY exciting! I have decided to pursue a passion that has been on my heart for quite some time.. an Interior Design business, offering E-Design Services!

It’s no secret that I love to create beautiful things. It’s been that way since I was a little girl. My dollhouse was perfectly furnished and the furniture was always strategically placed. I always loved redecorating my bedroom with my mom, and like to think I got my creative eye from her.

Moving in with Pete, and decorating two homes before we had babies was so much fun! But it wasn’t until I we began the process of building our home, that I fell in love with interior design. Every single detail was so exciting to me.. to the both of us, actually. I like to think of him as my business partner, because without his encouragement, I wouldn’t be on this exciting new adventure.

I hope you follow along on as I introduce you to Prairie Lane Design Co.

Xo, Angie

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Fireside Upgrade with Wayfair

Fall is the most perfect time to catch up on Netflix and get cozy by the fire.. am I right?! My current Netflix binge is Studio Mcgee’s, Dream House Makeover. I’m getting allllll the inspiration from it! In fact, I was thinking of upgrading some of my pieces on my fireplace mantle, when Wayfair reached out and asked me to participate in the Fireside Upgrade campaign. I love adding just a few simple pieces to help transform the space into the perfect place to cuddle by the fire.

Throw Pillow

Adding a basket by the fireplace is the perfect storage option to hold those cozy blankets and pillows. This throw pillow is my absolute favorite and so incredibly comfortable!

Vase + Wheatgrass + Willow Eucalyptus

I always turn to plants and greenery when I need a simple accessory, but I really love the wheatgrass and willow eucalyptus for Fall. The colors are soft and subtle with the unique vase I found.

Metal Candlestick Set + Candlesticks

A set of candlesticks always adds a touch of elegance to any space. This beautiful set is subtle and elegant, and the perfect addition to my mantle.

I love visiting Wayfair whenever I have a new project or need unique pieces for our home. The options are endless in almost every category, but I always know I’ll find just what I was looking for.

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Wayfair. All opinions are my own based on my experience with the products or company.

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Mother’s Day Printable: All About Mom

Mother's Day Printable

HAPPY Mother’s Day to all you warrior mamas working, homeschooling, running the household and managing ALL THE THINGS! It’s a lot of work and we deserve some extra love and attention this year.. don’t you agree? I found the All About Mom Printable I created a few years ago and quickly printed it for my girls to fill out. I LOVE seeing their answers and it truly is the best gift that holds so much meaning. Scroll down for the FREE Printable and enjoy the little things in life a little bit more this Mother’s Day, because being a mama truly is the greatest gift! Xo

FREE Downloadable Printable:

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Patio Paradise with Wayfair

Are you ready for Summer? We sure are! This Quarantine has us dreaming of warm summer days on the patio, celebrating all the important events we missed with family and friends. I love to entertain, and I love entertaining on our patio even more. I was sooo excited when Wayfair asked me to be a part of this campaign. They offer endless options on just about every category, to help reinvent your next home project. And our patio needed a little makeover. Using our existing furniture, I added some fun new pieces that really transformed the space into the perfect Patio Paradise.

Outdoor Area Rug

I’ve always wanted to incorporate an outdoor rug on our patio. It gives the furniture a new dimension and feels more complete. It brings the cozy feeling of home, outdoors.

patio table

Wooden Console Table

It wasn’t until I started browsing through the Wayfair Outdoor Guides, until I realized how important an outdoor console table would be! This quickly became the most perfect addition to hold all the entertaining essentials.

patio drink dispenser

Beverage Dispenser

I love a good drink dispenser. It’s definitely a must-have party staple and holds everything from water with fresh lemons, lemonade, a big batch of sangria or margaritas. Yum! The perfect patio summer cocktails!

patio boards

Acacia Wood Cutting Board + Round Marble Cheese Board

I’ve learned this year that I absolutely love creating charcuterie boards! My kids love them too! Having different size boards allows you to create a variety of presentations and get creative. And they are perfect for summer entertaining!

patio tiered stand

Two Tiered Stand

Having fresh fruit accessible for those summer cocktails is always essential. A two tiered stand makes for a pretty presentation. I will even add fresh apples and oranges and they’ll be the perfect healthy summer snack for the kids to grab on the go.

I am so grateful to have worked together with Wayfair to create our Patio Paradise. It’s amazing what a few new pieces can do to a space. We are beyond excited for summer and cannot wait to host our first party after Quarantine.

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Wayfair. All opinions are my own based on my experience with the products or company.

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Quarantine Activities

Well, it’s official.. School will not resume the remainder of the school year! While I actually love having my kids home (and the slow lifestyle), there have definitely been some challenges. Boredom, hunger, and overwhelmed with schoolwork are just to name a few.. and that’s just from me! Ha!

Chloe was on Spring Break this week. It was the perfect time to break out the Christmas gifts that we didn’t get a chance to use yet, and also order a few new things to keep us busy and creative. I hope this collection inspires you to find some new ideas..

Calligraphy Book | Learn to Read Book | Thinking Putty | Barbie Color Reveal | Metallic Rock Art | Tie Dye Kit | Bracelet Kit | Foot Spa for Kids | Go Glam Nail Stamper

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Fun + Functional Kids Playroom with Wayfair

I was so excited when Wayfair asked me to share my ideas for a Fun + Functional Kids Playroom. We are currently gathering ideas to finish our basement, and this just gave me head start on a creating a room just for my girls!

Creating spaces for kids is my absolute favorite (here + here). I enjoy the challenge of creating a room that they will not get bored with or outgrow too quickly. I also want the space to feel like a room that I, myself want to spend time in.

As with any room, I don’t like clutter, so storage + organization was my main focus when finding pieces for this playroom design board. There is a place for everything from books, play food, art supplies, trinkets, and of course.. stuffed animals!

A table and chairs is always essential to any kids playroom. I love the variety that Wayfair has to offer. Adding things like a teepee with a plush floor pillow can create a cozy reading corner. A vibrant rug and whimsical artwork give the room a burst of color. And of course, it wouldn’t be a kids playroom without a play kitchen.. complete with its very own farmhouse sink!

Imaginative play is so important, but I know as my girls get older, the room may transform to less toys and more of a creative space for homework and art projects. Wayfair offers endless options to create a vibrant and whimsical space. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to find such great pieces through Wayfair.

writing table + more kids table sets | chair set + more kids chairs | chandelier + more chandeliers | kitchen set + more kitchen sets | area rug + more area rugs | unicorn print + more kids wall art | floor pillow + more throw pillows | play teepee + more kids playhouseswicker basket set + more storage containers | growth chart + more growth charts | bookcase + more kids bookcases | metal/wire basket + more storage bins | picture frame + more picture frames | folding board easel + more kids easels | wall storage + more wall organizers

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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie

Valentine Charcuterie

If you’re looking for a simple and fun idea for Valentine’s Day, then create yourself a Charcuterie Board! For the past few months, they are one of my favorite things to create. My girls absolutely love snacking on them, and I love how quick and easy they are to assemble. I often use whatever is in my fridge/pantry (typically cheese, crackers, fruit and salami), and make a pretty presentation that looks like it took way more effort than it really did.

I found this pretty new charcuterie board, and while grocery shopping last week, I stumbled upon some fun heart and “xo” shaped foods that would be perfect for a special Valentine’s Day Charcuterie! I added some sweet treats, and focused on red and pink colored foods. The options are endless, and I love that!

Valentine Snack foods
Charcuterie Presentation
Valentine Kitchen
Valentine Charcuterie and I love plum tutu

..and of course, someone couldn’t resist the temptation! Ha!

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Capri’s Swan theme 5th Birthday Party

HAPPY New Year! Can you even believe that it is 2020?! Whew! ..what a decade it has been. I definitely have SO much to be grateful for.

The past decade has given me two of my greatest gifts.. my beautiful girls! Capri turned FIVE years old last week, and I am so amazed at how quickly those five years have come and gone. Last weekend, we celebrated her Birthday with a Swan themed Birthday Party. It was complete with lots of pink, sparkle and frill.. just like my girl! I know she’s growing so fast, but I hope that she stays in the phase of loving her baby dolls, dressing up in pretty party dresses (just to go to the grocery store), or always having to have her nails painted. It’s what I love most about her!

Here are some fun photos from her Birthday Party..

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Christmas Gifts for Helping Hands + a FREE Printable

While writing my Christmas list and checking it twice, I always seem to find myself scrambling to find gift ideas for teachers and teacher aides. This year, Capri has SIX teacher aides in her classroom! I wanted to find some inexpensive, but useful gifts that they would each enjoy. Who wouldn’t love a cute holiday soap by their kitchen sink?

While I haven’t shopped in a Bath & Body Works in YEARS, I fell in love with the adorable packaging of these soaps, as I was walking through the mall this week. I created some cute gift tags, and tied it with ribbon and twine for a quick and simple gift. I’ll also add a Target or Starbucks Gift Card to show extra appreciation.. to the ones who truly make a difference in this world!

FREE Downloadable Printable:

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Christmas Books: A Holiday Tradition

One of our favorite holiday traditions, is to gather around the Christmas tree or snuggle in our beds, and read Christmas books together. Each year, on Christmas Eve, my girls get to open one gift. It is always a Christmas book, with a sweet written message that I write to them. The excitement that they have, when I bring out the basket of Christmas books each year is pure joy! It’s a fun tradition, which carries sweet memories that we love to look back on.

Here are a few of our favorites, along with some new books I’ll be gifting to them this year..

The Sweet Smell of Christmas / The Little Reindeer / God Gave Us Christmas / Dasher / The Reindeer Express / Snow Sisters / The Night Before Christmas / The Wish Tree / Pick a Pine Tree / The Polar Express / The Nutcracker / The Crayons’ Christmas / The Christmas Wish / How to Catch an Elf / Gingerbread Mouse

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