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Chloe’s Bedroom Design Board

After a busy and exciting holiday season (including our Holiday Home Tour), I am ready to start on some fun new projects in our home. One of my favorite spaces to design + decorate for are my girls. My oldest, Chloe, is turning seven years old in March.. how is that even possible?! I want her bedroom to be a fun + colorful space! I also want the room to grow with her. Nothing too juvenile, but also nothing too grown up either.

All throughout our building process, Chloe always told us that she wanted a fairy garden bedroom. She is SO excited to create a fairy garden outside her bedroom window this summer, and has been collecting the most adorable pieces for it. Have you seen the selection at Michaels?! It’s the CUTEST! I’m excited to incorporate the inspiration into her bedroom, and found some really great pieces that I think are vibrant + whimsical.. just like a fairy garden! I can’t wait to put it all together and surprise my girl!

Chloe's Bedroom Design Board

headboard  |  bedding  |  curtain panels  |  wall decor  |  throw pillows  |  misc. storage


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Cozy Corner | Mini Camp Teepee

mini camp teepee

After a long and busy summer, we are finally back to a scheduled routine.. and I am sooooooo excited to have the time to blog again! We moved into our home on June 16th (crazy how long ago that seems), and have been busy with so many things – organizing, rearranging, shopping for everything from rugs, window treatments, throw pillows and furniture.. the list goes on! We are currently planning out our landscaping, and just finished the driveway + patio. It’s all starting to come together and we LOVE it!

I have a list of blog posts + photos I want to share about our house, but today, I am so excited to share a cute little corner of Capri’s bedroom. In the next few months, we will be transitioning her into a big girl bed and I have an adorable plan for her bedroom (stay tuned). In the meantime, the sweetest mama from Mini Camp sent us the most precious little teepee and we are so in LOVE with every little detail.. the lace, the pom poms, and the most gorgeous floral teepee topper! Everything is beautifully handmade with such great quality! Capri loves to crawl in and read her books, play with her baby dolls and of course, eat snacks! I always find her in there, and I know it is definitely something we will cherish forever!

To make it even sweeter, Mini Camp has offered a 20% off code for all of my readers. Head to her beautiful Etsy shop + enter code PRAIRIELANE20 ..(offer ends October 18, 2017).

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Girls’ Bathroom Design Board

I’m so excited to start sharing with you, some of the design boards that I created. I am such a visual person, so gathering images together, helps me have a better understanding of what the space will look like. Today, I’m sharing the Design Board for my girls’ bathroom. One of my most favorite colors for my girls is blush pink.. it’s soft, delicate + perfectly feminine. I cannot wait to move in and start putting our spaces all together!

girls' bathroom

shower curtain  |  bathroom faucet  |  bathroom rug  |  waste basket

(the tile + marble countertops were purchased through local sources)

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