Family Photos 2017

Each year, my best friend, Megan, and I spend approximately two months planning out family photos. It sounds unreal, but its true.. ha! It’s definitely a collaboration + team effort when it comes to making ALL the decisions. Everything from our outfits, location, and even snacks to pack for the kids (to keep them happy)! We send an obnoxious amount of texts to each other and annoy the heck out of our husbands, but in the end, we are soooooo grateful for the moments that we captured..

Love them! I can’t wait to print and hang these on our walls. It always makes me sad to look back and see how fast my babies are growing, but so forever grateful to have these to look back on and cherish as precious memories.

Megan did an amazing job, and recently started her own photography business.. Under The Willow Photography. She focuses on newborn photography, but does amazing work no matter what she captures. Follow her Instagram account and see for yourself!

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