Marble Countertops

One of the very first decisions we made, when we decided to build our house, was to install Marble countertops. We love the look of natural stone, and decided to carry it throughout the house. Not only will marble be installed in the kitchen, but the three bathroom vanities as well!

After a lot of research, we knew we wanted honed marble.. which has a dull, matte finish. But everywhere we went (the Home Show, Parade of Homes and even a stone vendor), we were questioned as to why we wanted marble.. and warned that it was very hard to maintain. But we stayed true to what we loved, and did a lot of research on how to care for it.. which in reality, isn’t that much maintenance at all! We then found a local marble + stone supplier, who told us he would probably be the only one to talk us into installing marble in our home. We were so relieved, and after some demos on how to care for marble, we knew we made the perfect decision. It’s simply elegant + timeless!

Then, about a month ago, we went to pick out our slabs. They were all so beautiful, but we knew that we loved the prominent grey veining, and decided to wait for a new shipment to come in. Then, last week, I received an email from the supplier that our slabs were just pulled..

..”These pictures are to show veining and nothing else. These slabs have not been honed or finished yet. They pull a whole block out of the mountain (about 30-40 slabs thick), cut it into 3cm thick slabs, and then spray them with water to bring out the veining in the slabs for these photos. We could even be looking at the back of the slab in the photo. These photos are just to get a general idea of what the veining will look like once they finish the slabs. The color will probably be lighter as well since wetting the slabs darkens the colors. From what I can see, these slabs will be beautiful.  I’m sending you guys these “unfinished” photos because I think it’s kind of cool to see what could be your kitchen countertops still at the quarry. Most people never get to see what their counters looked like before they had been finished at the quarry.”

How cool is that?! While these photos aren’t the most glamorous, I love that we were able to see our marble straight from the mountain! We went to the supplier earlier this week, and picked out three slabs to be installed throughout the house. Here is the slab for our kitchen island (which is actually the slab above as well)..

Installation should happen in about two weeks.. and I am counting down the days for these beautiful pieces of stone to arrive! Stay tuned for some marble overload, as I’ve become quite obsessed!

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