Living Room Sources

Thank you for all the kind + sweet comments about our Living Room Reveal! Below are some images and sources to the items featured in the room..

Living Room Sources

metal wall art | wall sconce | etched glass globe | house bud vase | house lantern | lumbar pillow | throw pillow | wool rug

Our sofa is the Cameron Roll Arm Sofa from Pottery Barn and we absolutely LOVE it! We customized it with the fabric that we wanted and are so happy with the look + comfort! The large wooden whale was a piece that my husband found at Homegoods. He thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, and I was quite hesitant when he first showed me. BUT, it’s grown on me and I think it looks great in the space!

We are gradually still decorating each space of our home, and I can’t wait to show you more! But I am most excited to decorate for Christmas! There’s just something about the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree + twinkling lights!! Stay tuned!

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Living Room Reveal..

I am so excited to finally share the photos of our living room today. It has definitely been a process for it to feel complete, but I am so happy with how everything turned out. It was also the perfect opportunity to take some photos in between the transition of our Halloween and Christmas decor. But I have to admit, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Hearth + Hand with Magnolia collection to arrive at Target. Have you seen it? I love everything.. all of it! It was so hard not to buy the entire collection, but I somehow managed to contain myself. I found some pieces for my mantel that I love!

There are many details of this room that I adore, but one of my most favorite is the navy shiplap on either side of the fireplace. It was definitely a bold decision, but one that we absolutely LOVE! Welcome to our living room..

This space is part of the heart of our home (along with our kitchen). We light a fire, watch movies, play games and just be together as a family.. and it feels so great to make the best memories here. I cannot wait to setup our Christmas tree and have our very first Christmas in this house.. our home! Stay tuned for more room reveals and an exciting Christmas decor post!

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Family Photos 2017

Each year, my best friend, Megan, and I spend approximately two months planning out family photos. It sounds unreal, but its true.. ha! It’s definitely a collaboration + team effort when it comes to making ALL the decisions. Everything from our outfits, location, and even snacks to pack for the kids (to keep them happy)! We send an obnoxious amount of texts to each other and annoy the heck out of our husbands, but in the end, we are soooooo grateful for the moments that we captured..

Love them! I can’t wait to print and hang these on our walls. It always makes me sad to look back and see how fast my babies are growing, but so forever grateful to have these to look back on and cherish as precious memories.

Megan did an amazing job, and recently started her own photography business.. Under The Willow Photography. She focuses on newborn photography, but does amazing work no matter what she captures. Follow her Instagram account and see for yourself!

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Cozy Corner | Mini Camp Teepee

mini camp teepee

After a long and busy summer, we are finally back to a scheduled routine.. and I am sooooooo excited to have the time to blog again! We moved into our home on June 16th (crazy how long ago that seems), and have been busy with so many things – organizing, rearranging, shopping for everything from rugs, window treatments, throw pillows and furniture.. the list goes on! We are currently planning out our landscaping, and just finished the driveway + patio. It’s all starting to come together and we LOVE it!

I have a list of blog posts + photos I want to share about our house, but today, I am so excited to share a cute little corner of Capri’s bedroom. In the next few months, we will be transitioning her into a big girl bed and I have an adorable plan for her bedroom (stay tuned). In the meantime, the sweetest mama from Mini Camp sent us the most precious little teepee and we are so in LOVE with every little detail.. the lace, the pom poms, and the most gorgeous floral teepee topper! Everything is beautifully handmade with such great quality! Capri loves to crawl in and read her books, play with her baby dolls and of course, eat snacks! I always find her in there, and I know it is definitely something we will cherish forever!

To make it even sweeter, Mini Camp has offered a 20% off code for all of my readers. Head to her beautiful Etsy shop + enter code PRAIRIELANE20 ..(offer ends October 18, 2017).

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Home Picks

Do you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I always score the BEST deals on some of my absolute favorite brands! Currently, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to cardholders through July 20th, and will then open to the public to shop.

Each year, I always stock up on some of my favorite items (like these leggings), which I seriously live in! I also love the selection of boots and sweaters for the Fall, as well as some back to school shoes/clothes for my girls.

While we’re still trying to settle into our new home, I’ve been searching for things to accessorize with, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some really great items this year! Here are some of my top picks..

nordstrom anniversary sale


straw basket  |  throw blanket  |  fringe pillow  |  sheet set  |  tumbler set  |  recipe tin

cheese board set  |  bowl set

I also found some really great deals on rugs and bedding sets that I keep going back to, but just can’t seem to make a decision.

Let me know if you have any favorites from the sale!


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Home Sweet Home!

Whew! It has been a very busy and productive month.. packing, moving, unpacking, swim lessons, unpacking, summer picnics, unpacking.. and then more unpacking! So much of our stuff had been packed away for two years, that it was so overwhelming when we started to open the boxes. But we are finally starting to feel settled, and slowly but surely finding a space for it all. And it’s finally starting to feel like HOME! It feels so great to reflect on where we began, and have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for it all.

Here are a few quick photos I snapped before the boxes and furniture were moved inside..



living room

living room





master bath

master bath/soaking tub

There are still a few projects that need to be completed (like the kitchen backsplash), but I am so excited to start decorating. I am currently on the hunt for rugs and window treatments. Let me know if you have any favorites, and stay tuned for some new design boards I’ll be sharing!

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Pinterest Inspiration : Living Room Design

If you follow along on my Instagram, you’ve seen that I shared a few sneak peaks of our living room. Wood beams, shiplap walls, and brass (gooseneck) wall sconces are my absolute favorite details! We are just waiting for the mason to add the stone around the fireplace, and the space will be complete. I cannot wait to show it to you!

Here are some beautiful images that inspired us in the design + layout..

house of jade living room inspiration

design source | house of jade interiors

kate marker living room inspiration

design source | kate marker interiors

studio mcgee living room inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

becki owens living room inspiration

design source | becki owens

Make sure to follow along with me on Pinterest for more beautiful + inspiring images daily!

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Pinterest Inspiration: Kitchen Design

On my last blog post, I shared the Kitchen + Dinette Design Board that I created. I gathered my favorite design elements that we have incorporated into our kitchen, and I can’t wait to show it to you all put together. I just LOVE it! Today, I thought I would start a fun new series of Pinterest Inspirations, showing you what inspired us + where some of these elements originated from.. because without Pinterest, how in the world would I have ever designed our house?! Ha!

Here are my most favorite, beautiful images of kitchen design..

Studio McGee Kitchen Pinterest Inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

Nina Williams Pinterest Inspiration

design source | nina williams

Studio McGee Gold Kitchen Pinterest Inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

Joanna Gaines Pinterest Inspiration

design source | joanna gaines

Kelly Nutt Design Pinterest Inspiration

design source | kelly nutt design

Make sure to follow along with me on Pinterest for more beautiful + inspiring images daily!


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Kitchen + Dinette Design Board

With my excitement for our marble countertops, I thought I would share my design board for our most favorite space in the house.. the kitchen + dinette. Pete and I both really love to cook, and when designing the layout of our home, we wanted an open concept kitchen + dinette + living space. A space where we can hang out as a family, and never feel like we are enclosed in one room. I’ve spent many hours searching for the most perfect pieces to fit within the space, and I am very excited to finally see it all coming together. I can’t wait to show you more, but here are just a few of my favorite elements..

kitchen + dinette design board


farmhouse sink  |  kitchen faucet  |  counter stools  |   island pendants  |  dinette chandelier  |  windsor chairs  |  dining table

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Marble Countertops

One of the very first decisions we made, when we decided to build our house, was to install Marble countertops. We love the look of natural stone, and decided to carry it throughout the house. Not only will marble be installed in the kitchen, but the three bathroom vanities as well!

After a lot of research, we knew we wanted honed marble.. which has a dull, matte finish. But everywhere we went (the Home Show, Parade of Homes and even a stone vendor), we were questioned as to why we wanted marble.. and warned that it was very hard to maintain. But we stayed true to what we loved, and did a lot of research on how to care for it.. which in reality, isn’t that much maintenance at all! We then found a local marble + stone supplier, who told us he would probably be the only one to talk us into installing marble in our home. We were so relieved, and after some demos on how to care for marble, we knew we made the perfect decision. It’s simply elegant + timeless!

Then, about a month ago, we went to pick out our slabs. They were all so beautiful, but we knew that we loved the prominent grey veining, and decided to wait for a new shipment to come in. Then, last week, I received an email from the supplier that our slabs were just pulled..

..”These pictures are to show veining and nothing else. These slabs have not been honed or finished yet. They pull a whole block out of the mountain (about 30-40 slabs thick), cut it into 3cm thick slabs, and then spray them with water to bring out the veining in the slabs for these photos. We could even be looking at the back of the slab in the photo. These photos are just to get a general idea of what the veining will look like once they finish the slabs. The color will probably be lighter as well since wetting the slabs darkens the colors. From what I can see, these slabs will be beautiful.  I’m sending you guys these “unfinished” photos because I think it’s kind of cool to see what could be your kitchen countertops still at the quarry. Most people never get to see what their counters looked like before they had been finished at the quarry.”

How cool is that?! While these photos aren’t the most glamorous, I love that we were able to see our marble straight from the mountain! We went to the supplier earlier this week, and picked out three slabs to be installed throughout the house. Here is the slab for our kitchen island (which is actually the slab above as well)..

Installation should happen in about two weeks.. and I am counting down the days for these beautiful pieces of stone to arrive! Stay tuned for some marble overload, as I’ve become quite obsessed!

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