Home Sweet Home!

Whew! It has been a very busy and productive month.. packing, moving, unpacking, swim lessons, unpacking, summer picnics, unpacking.. and then more unpacking! So much of our stuff had been packed away for two years, that it was so overwhelming when we started to open the boxes. But we are finally starting to feel settled, and slowly but surely finding a space for it all. And it’s finally starting to feel like HOME! It feels so great to reflect on where we began, and have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for it all.

Here are a few quick photos I snapped before the boxes and furniture were moved inside..



living room

living room





master bath

master bath/soaking tub

There are still a few projects that need to be completed (like the kitchen backsplash), but I am so excited to start decorating. I am currently on the hunt for rugs and window treatments. Let me know if you have any favorites, and stay tuned for some new design boards I’ll be sharing!

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Pinterest Inspiration : Living Room Design

If you follow along on my Instagram, you’ve seen that I shared a few sneak peaks of our living room. Wood beams, shiplap walls, and brass (gooseneck) wall sconces are my absolute favorite details! We are just waiting for the mason to add the stone around the fireplace, and the space will be complete. I cannot wait to show it to you!

Here are some beautiful images that inspired us in the design + layout..

house of jade living room inspiration

design source | house of jade interiors

kate marker living room inspiration

design source | kate marker interiors

studio mcgee living room inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

becki owens living room inspiration

design source | becki owens

Make sure to follow along with me on Pinterest for more beautiful + inspiring images daily!

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Pinterest Inspiration: Kitchen Design

On my last blog post, I shared the Kitchen + Dinette Design Board that I created. I gathered my favorite design elements that we have incorporated into our kitchen, and I can’t wait to show it to you all put together. I just LOVE it! Today, I thought I would start a fun new series of Pinterest Inspirations, showing you what inspired us + where some of these elements originated from.. because without Pinterest, how in the world would I have ever designed our house?! Ha!

Here are my most favorite, beautiful images of kitchen design..

Studio McGee Kitchen Pinterest Inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

Nina Williams Pinterest Inspiration

design source | nina williams

Studio McGee Gold Kitchen Pinterest Inspiration

design source | studio mcgee

Joanna Gaines Pinterest Inspiration

design source | joanna gaines

Kelly Nutt Design Pinterest Inspiration

design source | kelly nutt design

Make sure to follow along with me on Pinterest for more beautiful + inspiring images daily!


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Kitchen + Dinette Design Board

With my excitement for our marble countertops, I thought I would share my design board for our most favorite space in the house.. the kitchen + dinette. Pete and I both really love to cook, and when designing the layout of our home, we wanted an open concept kitchen + dinette + living space. A space where we can hang out as a family, and never feel like we are enclosed in one room. I’ve spent many hours searching for the most perfect pieces to fit within the space, and I am very excited to finally see it all coming together. I can’t wait to show you more, but here are just a few of my favorite elements..

kitchen + dinette design board


farmhouse sink  |  kitchen faucet  |  counter stools  |   island pendants  |  dinette chandelier  |  windsor chairs  |  dining table

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Marble Countertops

One of the very first decisions we made, when we decided to build our house, was to install Marble countertops. We love the look of natural stone, and decided to carry it throughout the house. Not only will marble be installed in the kitchen, but the three bathroom vanities as well!

After a lot of research, we knew we wanted honed marble.. which has a dull, matte finish. But everywhere we went (the Home Show, Parade of Homes and even a stone vendor), we were questioned as to why we wanted marble.. and warned that it was very hard to maintain. But we stayed true to what we loved, and did a lot of research on how to care for it.. which in reality, isn’t that much maintenance at all! We then found a local marble + stone supplier, who told us he would probably be the only one to talk us into installing marble in our home. We were so relieved, and after some demos on how to care for marble, we knew we made the perfect decision. It’s simply elegant + timeless!

Then, about a month ago, we went to pick out our slabs. They were all so beautiful, but we knew that we loved the prominent grey veining, and decided to wait for a new shipment to come in. Then, last week, I received an email from the supplier that our slabs were just pulled..

..”These pictures are to show veining and nothing else. These slabs have not been honed or finished yet. They pull a whole block out of the mountain (about 30-40 slabs thick), cut it into 3cm thick slabs, and then spray them with water to bring out the veining in the slabs for these photos. We could even be looking at the back of the slab in the photo. These photos are just to get a general idea of what the veining will look like once they finish the slabs. The color will probably be lighter as well since wetting the slabs darkens the colors. From what I can see, these slabs will be beautiful.  I’m sending you guys these “unfinished” photos because I think it’s kind of cool to see what could be your kitchen countertops still at the quarry. Most people never get to see what their counters looked like before they had been finished at the quarry.”

How cool is that?! While these photos aren’t the most glamorous, I love that we were able to see our marble straight from the mountain! We went to the supplier earlier this week, and picked out three slabs to be installed throughout the house. Here is the slab for our kitchen island (which is actually the slab above as well)..

Installation should happen in about two weeks.. and I am counting down the days for these beautiful pieces of stone to arrive! Stay tuned for some marble overload, as I’ve become quite obsessed!

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Paint Colors with Sherwin Williams

We are getting so so close and are all very excited to see everything come together. This weekend we are painting. I honestly thought my husband was crazy, when he said we would save the painting for (one of) the last projects. A few months ago, he primed everything, and then painted the bathrooms and the ceilings in the girls’ bedrooms. His logic to save the main rooms of the house for last, was that it was easier to have the woodwork/trim installed first, and then putty all the nail holes. He also didn’t want anything getting scratched up from other projects, and then we would have to go back and do touch ups. So while our house has been a monotone (primer) white for the past few months, we are finally adding some color.. and I am so excited!

A few months ago, I met with a color consultant from Sherwin Williams. I knew I wanted our home to be bright and crisp.. accentuating all the beautiful natural light. I was so overwhelmed with the many options of white, but with the In-Home Consultation, she helped me narrow it down and coordinate the other colors. I am so grateful for her help and love every color we picked out! So here they are..

Pure White | all of our trim + doors

Zurich White | the main areas of the house (kitchen, living room + hallways, as well as the girls’ bedroom walls + bathroom)

Shoji White | master bedroom

Opaline | master bathroom

Cyberspace | this will be painted shiplap on either side of the fireplace

Heron Plume | laundry/mudroom

Crushed Ice | half bathroom

Faint Coral | painted on the ceiling of both girls’ bedrooms

Some of these colors look so similar, but are so very different with the lighting in the house. The Play of Light and Color is a great article that helped me understand the impact that lighting can have. Color changes throughout the day, and I made sure to take my swatches and compare the effects.

I can’t wait to finally have some color and share the final spaces!

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Girls’ Bathroom Design Board

I’m so excited to start sharing with you, some of the design boards that I created. I am such a visual person, so gathering images together, helps me have a better understanding of what the space will look like. Today, I’m sharing the Design Board for my girls’ bathroom. One of my most favorite colors for my girls is blush pink.. it’s soft, delicate + perfectly feminine. I cannot wait to move in and start putting our spaces all together!

girls' bathroom

shower curtain  |  bathroom faucet  |  bathroom rug  |  waste basket

(the tile + marble countertops were purchased through local sources)

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Hello + Welcome!

Hello + Welcome to my NEW blog, House on Prairie Lane! I am so VERY excited to be back to blogging again and have missed this creative outlet. Some of you may know me from my old blog, A Creative Buzz. After our family expanded and we made the decision to sell our house, I quickly became SO occupied with our plans to build a new home, that I completely left my blog on the back burner. And the truth is, it just didn’t feel like ME anymore. But, I am BACK and ready to share all the details of what this NEW blog will be about.

A little history about us..

My husband, Pete, and I have been married for 10 years. The month before our wedding, we purchased a home that was a foreclosure and needed to be completely gutted. My in-laws graciously allowed us to move in with them, and Pete began the renovations. He took everything down to the bare studs, and we joke that the only thing we salvaged was the front door. Nine months later, we had a beautiful home. We hosted many parties and gatherings.. and even began to start our family there. Fast forward 8 years, and just having our second baby. Pete suggested we put the house on the market “just to see if we get any offers.” Well, we had a realtor friend come over and he suggested that we ask WAY more than what we even expected. We decided to give it a go, and within 24 hours of the house on the market, we had five offers.. and one even way above asking price! Moving along, we packed up our life and moved back in with my in-laws (this time, with two kids and a dog). Unsure of where we wanted to go, we started looking online for homes. But nothing we found met our expectations, and just didn’t seem worth the investment to renovate. We began looking for lots to build a home, but they all seemed to be crazy expensive and out of our budget. Then, late one night, another realtor friend called us and told us about a lot that was just listed. It was within minutes to our pediatrician, close to both of our parents, Target, my favorite grocery store, AND within the school zone that we REALLY wanted for our kids! The very next morning, I woke up to Pete telling me that he put in an offer, and actually offered above the asking price (as there were multiple offers). We found out that next day that they accepted the offer and it was OURS!

Now the search was on for what we wanted to build. We went through the Parade of Homes way more than I’d like to admit, and found a few models with features we liked.. but nothing we loved. So Pete decided to take on the task of designing the house down to every last detail.. and do the majority of the work himself! He took a few college courses after High School for Auto-CAD, so he broke out my old laptop and away he went.. spending numerous hours figuring out every little detail! I am still SO amazed that he could do that all on his own, and even have the plans pass with Architectural Control and the City on the very first submission!

On top of designing/drawing the house plans, he also decided to take on the task as the general contractor. He sourced someone to dig the hole, pour the foundation, frame the house, and put on the roof.. and the rest has been his own labor of love. We broke ground last Spring, and while many homes are built rather quickly, I’ve come to terms that ours was not! On top of having a full time job, Pete has been at the house every single night and weekend working the absolute hardest. We are finally at the final stages of installations, and now I am so excited to start sharing all the details with you! I’ve spent MANY hours searching and outsourcing our materials, and while it was quite overwhelming at times, I am so happy and excited to see it all come together.

As we move forward, I’m excited to start sharing the interior details and design elements of our house.. as we lovingly make it our HOME! Here on the blog, you’ll also see me share my love for photography, party planning, cooking and design. And of course, my two adorable girls who I love with all my heart.

Welcome + thanks for following along!

xoxo . angie

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